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To be successful in SEO, you must first know your market and determine its objectives.

But above all, you have to know your customers, their expectations and needs and know what you bring in more than the competition.

There are 2 types of referrals, natural and paid, as well as various types of marketing campaigns that can bring you traffic to your website.

The basis for all these strategies is to have a good natural referencing and to work on it regularly in order to develop exponential traffic.

Secondly, you have to set up various and varied campaigns in order to understand where to invest your time and your money in order to be as profitable as possible.

Our team of specialists offers you total monitoring of your campaigns and an analysis of their returns.

Our strong points in terms of Web Marketing and SEM

Our team follows you throughout your entrepreneurial journey


Advice and web-marketing follow-up of our customers on a regular basis

We attach paramount importance to human contact and availability. We are available to our customers permanently 7 days a week, even on Sundays in case of major concerns. We give you advice in web marketing to best meet your expectations. Thanks to our skills we will follow you throughout the process: from the diagnosis to the implementation on the internet and up to the training of your staff members.


Optimization of your positioning on search engines

The Google robots that index the content on the internet evolve regularly, we make it a point of honor to follow the news of natural referencing in order to improve your positioning daily. The positioning must imperatively be followed every month to regularly guarantee new customers for your company. We therefore monitor the evolution of natural and paid referencing on a daily basis to guarantee you the best possible results in order to guarantee a return on your investment.


Adapting to the rapid evolution of new display technologies

Information is a precious resource in societies. We set up techniques for rapid changes and adaptations so that your content is always at the top. The use of new display techniques must be taken seriously by companies, in a world in perpetual technological evolution, we make it a point of honor to guarantee you the expected visual optimization result. Google takes Freely Mobile into account in positioning on mobile search engines.

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STRESS Management @WORK, @HOME ... in your LIFE !

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Improve your positioning on Google in 9 steps

There are different aspects to optimizing your SEO.

Set your Goals

You must determine your flagship products or services, focus on your specialties and innovations. This is to achieve your goals.

Study the Competition

A prior analysis of the competition improves its SEO because we always position a site in relation to its competitors

Determine the Key Expressions

Search for groups of keywords corresponding to your activities. Study search frequencies via Google Trends.

User Oriented Writing and SEO

Good web copywriting is the key to good SEO. You need texts that are focused and sufficiently punchy and explicit.

Verification of the Structure

The tree structure is paramount, both in terms of the user experience and the way Google indexes your pages and gives them priority.

Adaptability on SmartPhone

Design is important in your communication: graphic updating of your website or redesign in a new Joomla or Wordpress CMS.

Code optimization

Working with clean codes or optimizing the codes improves the display and the loading time of pages.

SEO Optimization

SEO optimization must be done on a regular basis because standards evolve and work against the competition is everyday work.

Acquisition campaign

In order to further increase your number of visitors, you can create advertising campaigns using the tools your activities most appropriate tools.